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Success Coaching  with Joe Rapisarda is for those who are ready to take the next leap towards their success by receiving personal one-on-one life coaching with bestselling author and life coach, Joe Rapisarda.

Joe Rapisarda_Balancing_Act_1 (Video Clip of Joe Rapisarda being interviewed on national television about his book, Awaken Your Power!)

What will I get out of coaching? Through coaching, Joe will teach you to overcome any challenges you face and to achieve any goals you set for yourself. What makes Joe qualified to coach you?   Joe is a graduate of the Fowler Wainwright International Institutional of Professional Coaching. He has used this knowledge and power to achieve the following:

  1. Heal completely from severe car accident at the age of 12.
  2. Become a Black Belt in Karate.
  3. Find a peaceful solution for Thyroidism.
  4. Became a millionaire at the age of 37.
  5. Attracted a way to heal from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Adrenal Burnout).
  6. Attracted the woman of his dreams to be his wife.
  7. Successfully navigated the often difficult Spiritual Awakening Process.
  8. Became an award-winning and best-selling author.
  9. Learned the secret of how to use his mind to attract any outcome he desires.

He works to share his extensive knowledge and experience of the law of attraction and universal laws listed in the book, Awaken Your Powerto help clients to be happier, healthier, and more successful.

Joe specializes in the following areas:

  • How to grow your business 3X and love your life!
  • How to acheive any goal.
  • How to deal with stress and relieve anxiety?
  • How to heal from a disease? 
  • How to remove subconscious mental and emotional blocks that prevent your success.
  • How to become fit and happy?
  • How to find love?
  • How to navigate the spiritual awakening process?
  • How to make a million dollars and retire with peace of mind?
  • How to find the perfect job for you?
  • How to find your life purpose?

He helps people in all aspects of life but specializes in areas of over coming health issues, finding happiness, and achieving success and wealth, and helping guide and mentor people while undergoing the spiritual awakening process. Success Life Coaching: via telephone or locally in person.

  • Learn how to use the quantum power of the mind to attract success, good health and happiness into your life.
  • Learn to master the law of attraction.
  • Learn the universal laws – Nature’s instruction manual for a happy and succesful life.
  • Discover what you need to do go from surviving to thriving!
  • Create a crystal clear vision of your success.
  • Set goals and life priorities.
  • Create an tailor made action plan that gives power to your goals.
  • Celebrate successess and create ways to overcome all challenges.
  • Experience consistent positive reinforcement so that you can stay focused.
  • Receive structured accountability for your goals.
  • Enjoy the comfort knowing that your are not alone in your quest for your desire.

Who is a candidate for coaching? Anyone who wants a better life and is willing to change their current habit so that they get to where they want to be.

Here’s what people are saying:

Self Empowerment

“Joe helped me to accomplish what no other counselor or therapist had been able to do – he’s made me believe in myself and the power of my own mind.” Joanne K 1Joe has helped me more than words can say. When I came to him my life was in a deep downward spiral.  I felt a complete lack of love and self-worth.  Joe helped me to accomplish what no other counselor or therapist had been able to do – he’s made me believe in myself and the power of my own mind. He’s built up my self-confidence, and showed me how to identify the challenging parts of my life.  He then taught me a series of spiritual and psychological techniques which I have used to address and overcome these issues.  Now, I feel like my life is on track and moving in the right direction. Thanks to Joe, my view on life has changed from dark and gloomy to bright and sunny. Every day I look forward to bettering myself in new ways. So if your life is in a rut, call Joe. I’m glad I did. After seeing how he has helped me, I feel no price would be too much for his assistance. He’s an Angel! Updated Testimonial: Love is Attracted.  Joe thank you so much for continuing to help me better my life. You’ve strengthen my self-esteem to levels I did not know existed.  You have taught me to set goals and have given me the tools to achieve them. At the beginning of the year, when I was planning what I wanted to attract and achieve this year, I put down that I wanted to find love.  And as you taught me, I asked the angels to help bring it to me. I have happy to say that only two months after making that request, I have met someone and am in love.  Before you started helping me, I would have said that achieving that goal would have been impossible. Now I feel like I can achieve whatever I set my mind to do. Thank you Joe! -Joanne Kelley / United Kingdom

“I have big goals for my life and now I feel I have the knowledge to make them a reality!” Thanks Joe! Your coaching has been very helpful. I’ve always been a believer in the law of attraction but for some reason it wasn’t working for me. I have learned how to rid my negative thoughts and be conscious of every single thought created from this day forward. Your guidance has allowed me to fine tune the things I was doing to help manifest the things I want in life. The good energy outweighs the bad energy at astronomical levels in my mind. I have big goals for my life and now I feel I have the knowledge to make them a reality! I will always ask questions if I need guidance as you are definitely a patient and attentive person who is easy to talk to. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is looking to improve their life! -Rajvir Boparai    “I have found not only a release from current situation but also a new-found hope and vision for my future.”

“Since enrolling in Empowerment Life Coaching with Joe Rapisarda,  I’ve had a wonderful awakening and have gained a new perspective on life.  Joe has used the universal laws and applied them to his life and his in his book, Awaken Your Power, and in doing so he has gained a lot of wisdom and insight about how to use the power of the mind to be successful in all aspects of life.  Now he is sharing that knowledge with others through his life coaching.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to work one-on-one with Joe. I have found not only a release from current situation but also a new-found hope and vision for my future.”   Update April 2014 I just owe you a world of thanks for the impact you had in helping me venture onto a new and enlightened path. I came across a note pad that I had written out added affirmations on shortly after we had our meetings. I daily did the affirmations you set out for me and still do. It took 3 years but almost everyone of them have come to pass and then some. You opened a door for me and gave me tools which I took to heart and to watch them manifest has been incredible. The best part is I feel that this is only the beginning. I talk of you often and you are at the heart of what thus far has been an amazing journey of courage, hope, and change! Hannah Shockley


“Joe, I tell people to contact you off of Dr. Wilson’s website for coaching all the time.  I have complete faith in you in this
area.  Not only are you knowledgeable and caring but you also have a calming influence, which is rare.”

Picture of Nikki Moses
Nikki Moses
Nikki Moses is a nutritional consultant in the Los Angeles area. She is trained in Nutritional Balancing Science, which is a form of nutritional body correction that utilizes a hair analysis to view a person’s unique body chemistry in order to then determine which exact combinations of nutrients are needed to correct it. This science was developed by Dr. Paul Eck and further developed by Lawrence Wilson, MD. Nikki trained directly under Dr. Wilson for over five years and is currently one of his instructors, now teaching this science to other nutrition practitioners. She, of course, continues to work with her own clients helping them to achieve their health goals — the natural way!
If you are in the area and want to schedule an office visit or have us cut your hair sample for you, call us at
(Note: I have been through this program as a patient and it really has produced amazing healing results for me. If you want to be well, give Nikki a call to inquire about this program. -Joe Rapisarda)


“I will definitely be recommending you to  anyone who is struggling with a health ailment that they feel helpless to control because they are the people who need your help the most!” “Joe, I can’t thank you enough for your coaching and support.  Dealing with Adrenal Exhaustion has not been easy or fun, but having someone like you to talk to has made a tremendous difference in my life.  Knowing that you have successfully dealt with and overcome this condition yourself gives me great confidence and hope that my health will continue to improve.  Listening to your positive attitude and the things you personally did to overcome this ailment has helped me more than you know. It has acted as a trail through the unknown wilderness that I can now follow to my own good health. Your coaching has taught me that I don’t always have control over what happens to me, but I do always have control over how I react and what type of future I create for myself. Also, it was great to see that we both agree that this “life challenge” I am going through is part of my spiritual awakening process, just as it was with you.  Your guidance has helped me to see the good in everything and how much I have grown as a result of my current situation. I will definitely be recommending you to  anyone who is struggling with a health ailment that they feel helpless to control because they are the people who need your help the most!”

-Anastasia Nik

Spotlight Achievements

Weight Loss / Health / Goal Achievement

“Thank you Joe Rapisarda for believing I could take the leap of faith and get to the other side!

I’m a new person and I have rediscovered who I used to be!

In fact its been since before my first baby was born 22 years ago!

Its awesome! It’s all new. I wanted this years ago but.. Better late than never!”

-Bill Crosson (on the left) – Fidelity National Title Company / Vacaville CA.

Bill Crosson (on the left)  7-1-14


March 2 2014
I gave up a lot of things indulging in a very socially fun lifestyle! I made a trade off! My health after 22 years took the big hit and I gave up my passion for performing too. I set a phase ONE goal to perform again AND to give up my other passion of enjoying very fattening beer! I am on day 35! I had to reset my body! I was on 6 pills a day with high BP, very overweight, and just not at my best! Last night I performed and had a solo in a medley of songs at the On Stage Vacaville event at the Performing Arts Theatre! My boys were part of the cast in the as well as we performed tunes from the “Guys and Dolls” musical. I have been at the gym 33 of the 35 days! I FINALLY got my much needed prescription glasses too! I only take ONE pill for BP now and OMG I feel amazing! Thank you Joe Rapisarda for believing I could take the leap of faith and get to the otherside! Im a new person and I have rediscovered who I used to be! In fact its been since before my first baby was born 22 years ago! Its awesome! Its all new. I wanted this years ago but.. Better late than never! Below is our mafia lookout pose on the way to the show last night
  • Melissa Perry Ah yes, I heard Mr. Rapisarda is very motivational and inspirational. Getting through to the other side is something one may not completely understand unless they have done the work to get there. It’s just not words. It’s hard bloody work, emotional and physical. 
    Bill, hind sight being 20/20, those sacrifices you mentioned weren’t really sacrifices, they were bridges to your success.
    Congratulations for getting to the other side! I am so very proud of you. I look forward to watching your future accomplishments and performances as you further your awesome journey.
  • Bill Crosson Wow Melissa you nailed it! It IS emotional and physical both! Only Joe R. knows the story and I STILL left out part of it for him! Haha! I was at 30% so I’m kinda excited to be climbing the charts
    BILL’S UPDATE 3-23-14
    I first shared on DAY 32 I had decided to do a massive reset of my mind and body. Tired of being overweight forever. Ashamed I never was at my best physically or mentally for over 22 years. I gave up all my vices and vowed to hit the gym everyday and replace alcohol with water. Well today is day 56 and I am stronger than ever. It IS like walking through a maze though I’m not gonna lie. It still is. When you stop things after so many years your mind thinks different and your body reacts different. I NEVER worried about what I ate or drank and I was so busy I didnt stop to know I was making my body work overtime with a lot of unhealthy habits. I have been to the gym 52 out of the 56 days. The water now tastes GREAT. NO alcohol. Done. It’s been incredibly uncomfortable at times trying to get used to seeing things so clearly and having so much energy. I had to create new habits and routines. It’s absolutely awesome but at the same time it’s way different. I learned not to obsess with the lbs. lost just the clothes that I now can fit into and the 5 belt sizes I lost so far. I don’t miss anything I gave up more than I love WHAT I HAVE RECAPTURED MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY!. I want a sunburn on my stomach and back and I can’t get that TILL I WALK AROUND WITH NO SHIRT ON! It’s gonna happen people. I promise. THEN I will use sunscreen. haha. Just wanna do this thing all the way. I have the best friends in the world for supporting my entire family not just me. Thank you.

    Bill achieves another “Bucket List Life Goal” by singing the National Anthem in front a audience at the River Cats Stadium in Sacramento CA.

    Bill Crosson

    100 days today! No counselors, no diets, no programs, just one man who kept stopping me and saying, “Bill, we should talk!”. His name is Joe Rapisarda. Life coach, mentor, friend, businessman, author, father, and husband. He saw potential that i was afraid to tap into. He woke me up. I decided to absolutely strip away anything and anybody who will keep me from my goal to find out what I am capable of and who I can become. I’m not the same person I was 100 days ago. I am who I always wanted to be but never had the discipline to achieve it. My wife and kids, not my extended family yet because they have no idea what this entailed, loves who I am even more now and are amazed how I have accomplished so much in 100 days. No one knows me better than them. It’s been 91 days in the gym out of 100. My performance at work can not be compared to my previous 12 years. I’m humble, yet incredibly confident I know EXACTLY who I am and exactly where I am going. I have made the tough choices with discipline to be at the peak of my game. I’m not finished, I have only just begun.

    MAJOR UPDATE! Today is Day 120 for me. I am on the TOP of my game mentally and physically. My job could not be better. Placer Title allowed me to reach and touch people in a way necessary for me to feed my passion and taste my ultimate calling. I will be leaving Placer Title effective May 30th. Please understand why! I want to inspire others and take them where they want to go professionally and personally. I’ve always dreamed of a platform for that! I’m a speaker, I’m a coach, I’m a person that is fueled by lifting others and I have a thirst to lead others to their personal level of greatness. I know the title and escrow/real estate industry inside out! Over 25,000 sales calls and over a half million industry related discussions with some of the most educated business men and women Solano County has to offer will do that. THANK YOU to the hundreds of people that chose to do business with Placer Title. You were NEVER my clients, you were my FRIENDS! It’s no surprise that I was offered an incredible position with a National Consulting Firm who’s motto is “Building Business thru building People”. I always cared about the people and companies that I called on as more than a potential number. It was relationships. As for my journey, The “PHOENIX” is about transformation from ash to your level of untapped potential you always desired. It’s a journey. My climb from ash started 19 years ago and although I have helped Shannon build an incredible family, had a tremendously successful career at Placer Title Company, I was NOT prepared to reach my true potential. Until 120 days ago. I have accepted a position to travel the country as the Director, Off-site Corporate Operations for The Darryl Turner Corporation. I will now be COACHING, TRAINING, INSPIRING, and delivering proven concepts and procedures to Title and Escrow companies across the nation with THE leading firm in the business. I’m honored to represent the Turner Corporation and equally honored to have represented Placer Title in Solano County. I will miss everyone at work terribly but I have dreamed of this chance and my kids and wife insisted I share my passion. I am READY. Thank you Joe Rapisarda. You were the missing ingredient to reaching for my potential. Thank you Genie Branson and Placer Title for allowing me the opportunity to be at the top of my game in this business and catching the eye of the Turner Group. Thank you to my wife and children. I love you all so much and will make you proud. Wisconsin is my first assignment. I think Ohio is next. But who cares, it’s about the people not the area! God has truly blessed me with an incredible opportunity and I intend to make the most of it. Let’s do this.
    141 DAYS TODAY!!! Still see no reason to weigh in. It was about the mind not body. It was about clarity and validation of a passion I always dreamed would someday be fulfilled. It was also for my kids. I owe them a chance to be around as long as possible. So here is my before and after SO FAR! Long way to go but I am making progress! Thanks to my kids and wife for an awesome father’s day! — with Joe Rapisarda.


Shannon Castro

Shannon Castro

How I am Awakening My Power…..
After moving back to Vacaville and taking a job with a local bank,  I soon regretted taking the position. The hours and split days off are something I just am not used to. Everyday I would go home in an upset mood and complain about it.
At work I choose not to open myself up to the people that were working with me and this created an even more negative vibe. In the break-room  if a co-worker was complaining about the job, I would feed into it. This fuelled the dread of going to work everyday. All of this then started to manifest into anxiety attacks, upset stomach and always crying. This is when I decided something needed to change and that I was the only one that could start the process to make it happen.
I needed direction to start this process so I started bring your book to work and reading it for the second time. The first thing that stood out that I could relate to my current situation was the Law of Attraction. My negative energy was creating all the negative energy around me. I made sure that I started going home in a good mood. I started being more of my “real” self at work. These changes made my family seem happier and opened the people up at work to smile and chat with me more. I also no longer fed into the negative talk around the water cooler. My anxiety lessened and even though I still no longer wanted to work at that bank, I started accepting the situation as my current reality and staying positive.
Next I decided to applying for new jobs, this process brought me joy just knowing I was taking action. ( Law of Action gives the Law of Attraction the opportunity to manifest) I met up with a friend for lunch after not seeing her for about 7 months. I told her everything that I had been going through. She said she had a friend who was leaving her current job and they were hiring for her position. That evening I spoke with her friend and faxed over my information, which she gave to the person hiring the next morning. This started the momentum! I applied your Focus, Feel and Expect Process.
I wrote this on a sticky so I could actually see what I wanted……
“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”
Focus: I desire a job with ABC Company (Name Changed for Privacy).
Feel: I have aligned with energy to support my desire
Expect: I expect the owner to call me and offer me the job!
I finally got the call to set up an interview. The next day I met with the owner who interviewed me. I didn’t know him, but after finding out that he graduated the same year as I did, I looked him up of Facebook when I got home and found that we know several people in common. (I feel that somehow the universe aligned me with him.)
The waiting began. The interview was Thursday and he said he would call Monday with his decision. I have been laying on my bed, closing my eyes and visualizing getting the call to hire me. I also envision myself driving to the new job and happily sitting behind the front desk helping people and taking calls. I have added to my sticky note from above *Today he WILL offer me the job!
This is where the Power of Patience comes in.
** I have written this to you in past tense, because I believe my current situation will be a thing of the past. Tomorrow I will get offered the new job!
Fast-forward to the next day…..
Soooo…….going back a bit. Over the last couple of months I have been applying for jobs with posted positions. I also created a cover sheet and resume to send to employers that I was interested in, thinking that it just might hit their desk before they have even posted an opening.
Well, this morning I woke up and wrote in my journal and got ready to go to work like any other day. However, today was the day that I was going to here back about the position at ABC Company. I wrote on a piece of paper, ” 4-14-14 The job at ABC Company is mine! The owner will call me this morning to offer me the job.”
Literally right before I was going to leave the house to go to work the owner called and offered me the job!
He wants me to start today! I am so happy!
To make matters more interesting, today I also received a call from someone at my old company, that I loved working at.  They were calling about a position that had opened up (this was one of the companies I randomly sent my cover letter and resume to). I called him back and thanked him for the offer and told him to keep me in mind if for any reason I ever came knocking at his door. He told me that if things don’t work out for me to keep him in mind as well!
In conclusion, I changed my negative thoughts and actions to positive. I created momentum in finding a job by taking action. I accepted my current reality and decided to make the best of it until I achieved my new goal. I embraced opportunities as they came along and aligned myself with thoughts, actions and people that ultimately lead me straight to the new job I desired
Thanks again for taking the time to write a book sharing your knowledge.  This stuff really works!
Shannon Castro

Achievement of Goals

IMG_8478Joe, I want you to know that I fully recommend your coaching services and your book to everyone. It’s the best thing that I have ever come across. There’s a reason why we bumped into each other.  The is a reason why you handed me your book. Everything since then has been nothing but positive energy. Honestly, it’s a blessing from God. Manifestation Alert: Shortly after beginning reading Awaken Your Power and using energy of positive thinking, Anthony received a call that Golden Boy Enterprises (Oscar De La Hoya’s company) was interested in signing him to a professional contract. -Anthony Pazmino  Professional MMA / Boxer Watch this testimonial video here:

“Your words have helped to put things into perspective for me and see things in a more positive and productive manner, allowing me to move forward with confidence that I sometimes find myself second-guessing.”
“As part of my testimonial and clearly in whole and in truth, I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being such an inspiration to me! I realize I’m partly self-motivated by my own thoughts and actions but as with most people, I’ve struggled with finding the solution to some emotional speed bumps along the way.
Your words have helped to put things into perspective for me and see things in a more positive and productive manner, allowing me to move forward with confidence that I sometimes find myself second-guessing. I’m grateful to have met such an inspirational person to help me realize (among many things) that a positive mind really does bring positive energy to your life and can do the same for others around you and I’m seeing the results of this nearly every day. It’s not coincidence… it’s real, it’s possible and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world! Thank you, Joe!!!”


Michelle Crews, Award Winning Body Builder

Watch Michelle’s video testimonial here:


Again, thank you, Joe, for helping me to make my dreams a reality!!!

What do you want to attract in  your life?

Are you ready to Awaken Your Power?

Take the first step to your new and improved life by scheduling an initial $99 1-on-1 personal breakthrough coaching session with Joe.

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