How to Heal From Sickness Using Your Mind

Thoughts Can HealAre you sick? Do you feel hopeless?

Don’t worry. There is a solution and the knowledge of it is FREE to you.

Your mind has the power to heal you from any condition. I have used it myself many times in my life without fail.

Here’s how…


The body is able to be 100% influenced by the mind.  When you seek to gain self-mastery of your own mind you are able to affect the health of the body.

When you say “I AM” you are invoking the name of God.   This God energy is all things and everything is connected to it. You are part of God and he is of you.

From a scientific point of view, wherever you place your intention or desire in a consistent and persistent manner you begin to align with the energy of the thing you seek.  Thought are the things that speak the quantum language that tells energy how to manifest into reality.

When I say, “I AM healthy” you are able to affect the cells of your already sick body to begin to be well.

When you say “I AM Loved” you are setting into motion energy that will bring into your life people who will love you.



Allowing means getting emotionally out-of-the-way after you ask for something.  If you continuously worry about dying you are not being part of the solution.

The problem most people have is that once they gets sick they become full of fear and worry, which prevents them from aligning with healing energy they seek.

To heal, you must find a way to use your mind to create the things you desire. Say to yourself, “I realize my current reality is not a pleasant one. But to be part of the solution I must now use my mind to see like as the perfection I seek.   See whatever condition you’re experiencing as healed or healing.

It can take time for it to reverse the negative momentum that has accrued in your life but if you stay focused there is no limit to what healing can occur.

The angels tell us to simple imagine seeing, feeling and hearing life as you would want it to be.  When you do that you are attracting the healing you are seeking.

Always notice how you feel. That is an indication of the energy you are attracting. Positive feelings attract positive energy.  Bad feelings attract negative energy.

So you may be asking how and when will the healing come?

That is up to the universe.  The universe will always take the past of least resistance.  This means you should simply allow it to come to you in the way it suggests for you.  When you allow it like this, there will be a coincidence where a specific person, place, or thing crosses your path that give you the ability to achieve whatever it is your desire.

Sometimes it happens with no effort on your part but I have found that most of the time we need to work towards our goals with actions that support them.

The old saying is that “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”  The truth is the Law of Attraction is often seen as luck because it comes out of nowhere but  you call it into your life and when you worked toward it you give the Law an easier way for it to come into  your life.

I have used this info successfully in my own life countless times over the years. The Law has never let me down when I have correctly done my part. The knowledge was learned from the book “The  I AM Discourses” Vol 3 by St. Germain. It really works!

Feel free to respond to this email with questions.  Remember that is no condition that the mighty I AM presence cannot reverse. All you have to do is have faith and follow these instructions.


Keep the faith my brothers and sisters.

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