Are These Earthquakes and Tsunamis the Beginning of 2012?

Here is the heading and an excerpt of an article by the Huffington Post on 3/11/11. Japan Earthquake 2011: 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits, 30-Foot Tsunami Triggered Devastation shown from a tsunami following the Japan earthquake. AP/The Huffington Post First Posted: 03/11/11 02:41 PM Updated: 03/12/11 01:25 AM The above headlines shows the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan […]

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Using The Law of Attraction with Sickness

As I write this blog, I am just getting over being sick for three days with a virus that was probably either a cold or the flu.  I was surprised when I got ill because I have been successful many times before in completely preventing a sickness that I felt coming on by using The Law of Attraction.  During the […]

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Chilean Minors Rescue: The Power of Prayer and Thought Creates a Miracle.

We recently witness a modern day miracle when 33 miners we rescued after being trapped more than 2,000 feet down in a mine in Chile for an amazing 69 days. When the miners first became trapped their chances of survival were next to nonexistent.  Many people had considered them as good as dead.  Still the […]

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