Intuition: A Change from Logic to Heart Based Feeling

In my last post, Are These Earthquakes and Tsunamis the Beginning of 2012?, I talked about how we are presently going through a “Shift” or change where one era is ending (The Age of Pisces) and a new Era is beginning (The Age of Aquarius).  This new age is changing the world in many ways. During […]

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Are These Earthquakes and Tsunamis the Beginning of 2012?

Here is the heading and an excerpt of an article by the Huffington Post on 3/11/11. Japan Earthquake 2011: 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits, 30-Foot Tsunami Triggered Devastation shown from a tsunami following the Japan earthquake. AP/The Huffington Post First Posted: 03/11/11 02:41 PM Updated: 03/12/11 01:25 AM The above headlines shows the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan […]

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Using The Law of Attraction with Sickness

As I write this blog, I am just getting over being sick for three days with a virus that was probably either a cold or the flu.  I was surprised when I got ill because I have been successful many times before in completely preventing a sickness that I felt coming on by using The Law of Attraction.  During the […]

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