Dr. Quantum Entanglement

We are connected. #Oneness

Check out Dr. Quantum talk about Entanglement.  We are all connected. So the next time you see someone as different, consider that we are all made of the same material and are all connected. We are all one. What do you think about this? I hope you choose to follow this info to Awaken Your […]

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Heart World

Intuition and Compassion Come From The Heart

Hello again, I just came across this great video that shows the effects of the great shift that has happened in recent years. It shows how more people are connecting with their hearts to get in touch with their intuition and their higher-selves to be more compassionate and loving towards each other. This is having […]

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Happiness Now and in the Future.

If you want a better life, the secret is to find peace and some sort of appreciation with your current reality while you desire and strive for a better one. Happy thoughts create a happy present and a happy future.             P.S. Do you want to see more quotes like […]

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Go Confidently In the Direction of Your Dreams!

If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, they will meet with success unexpected in common hours. – Henry David Thoreau What does this mean?  I interpret it  to mean that Thoreau knew about and understood the law of attraction. The law of attraction states […]

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MMA: UFC 173-Renan Barao vs. TJ Dillashaw

If You Want Respect Go And Get It

As a success coach, I often see people who have developed limiting beliefs about themselves. These beliefs are often based on what other people (usually family and friends) think about them. These limiting beliefs act as barriers or walls that prevent that person from moving on to greater successes in life. Tonight I witnessed something very special […]

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