The Secret of 2012 Revealed: The Power of Collective Intention

If you are like me you are fascinated by all the hype around the anticipated events of 2012.

I’ve spent that last 10+ years of my life studying this material and practicing in my own life. I used this information when I went through my own spiritual awakening process, which was challenging to say the least.

In this process, I learned to look  inward to determine whether I believe something was true or not based on how it felt to me. If it felt right, I absorbed it into my knowledge base; if it felt wrong, I discarded it.  I also learned not to judge the source of the material I was learning, but to instead, evaluate the material itself.  This was very helpful when reading information from unique and often unbelievable sources like aliens, psychics, or stories of Atlantis.   Personally, I belief anything is possible until I gain information that makes me change my mind. I find this point of view allows me to learn more than if I had already made up my mind about how the world works.

Recently I read a book called Keys to Soul Evolution.  The author of this book supposedly channeled the information from higher entities.  When I started reading the book, I quickly lost any skepticism, and was amazed at the great wealth of knowledge that was being provided to me through its pages. The information felt right to me and resonated with everything I had already written in my own bestselling book, Awaken Your Power!

In a nutshell, it said this:

1.      2012 is a great doorway of opportunity.  All possibilities are eligible, and mankind will decide the path.

2.     Each of us has the power to attract whatever we think about into our lives. The Law of Attraction.

3.     Amazing planet-wide change can happen when the people of the world awaken to this power and decide to begin working together as one unit to collectively place their intention on a single task or outcome.   

4.     This collective power can only be used for the good of all.  It will not work if it is used for selfish or egotistical means.

The reason this resonated with me so deeply is because I had heard it before. In the book, Atlantis and 2012, it talked about how psychic Edgar Cayce, while under a hypnotic trance, translated his visions of this long ago time and place. The book also documented Plato’s famous writings about this fabled place. What caught my attention was not whether or not Atlantis really existed, but the amazing spiritual technologies that were used.  They talked about how these people were able to live seemingly supernatural lives and how they used the power of their collective consciousness to meditate on one simple goal or outcome. According to the book, they used this power to make to make it rain on the crops and many other amazing feats.

I’m sure there are many that will simply dismiss the information I am sharing because of the source of this material but to them I would like to ask, “What if these claims are correct?”, “What if the human mind is a giant sender and attractor of energy?”,  and, “What if we can learn to harness this power as a collective whole, like we did in our past with electricity, to do amazing things?”

It’s likely we will experience this awakening in awareness and collective ability in the near future. I feel this way because I have used successfully used the law of attraction my own life, and I know it works.  Watching the world share this  power as group consciousness with unified goals will be amazing to see.

So does this mean that we need to convert people to believing this point of view?  No.  It means that we should be the best example we can be, so that others will decide for themselves that they want to be this way, too.  This will add to the number of awakened people on the planet. When enough people are awake and working together, we will have the ability to change our planet for the better.

Also it’s great  to associate with as many others who have the same point of view as you do.  There is great power in numbers.

FYI, some of the other books that I read that mention this material are Conversations with Laarkmaa, The Light Shall Set You Free.  All of them are from sources that supposedly have a view-point that is broader than ours.

I choose to believe this, do you?  What is your take?  Regardless of your view on this subject, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Until next time,

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