How to Use The Holy Trinity To Master the Law of Attraction

Growing up Catholic, I was taught about the holy trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but I never really understood what it meant.  In my own spiritual journey of discovery, I finally came across a definition of the Holy Trinity that really makes sense. 

In the book, The Magic Presence (Vol 2) Ascended Master St. Germain explains the law of attraction by stating that the I AM Presence is within each of us. It is the God-presence within each of us.  He further explains that anyone who is self-conscious can use the I AM Presence to manifest whatever it is they desire in their life.  

He hints that the Father is God and each self-conscious being is the Son, and the Holy Spirit is the intelligent and all-wise God energy that is waiting to be qualified with the thoughts of the Son to turn desires into physical realities.

St. Germain explains that everything that appears to be a miracle to us is simply yet-to-be-discovered science.

He states that at an atomic level at its most basic level is an electronic presence that is alive. This presence is very reactive to our thoughts and desires.  It sits waiting in perfection for us to qualify it into a request or desire. Whatever we focus on, this energy finds a way to bring this result into our lives. 

In my book, Awaken Your Power (Available at Amazon), I speak about in quantum physics how the energy of light moves in waves of energy before it collapses into a molecule of matter to form something physical in our world.  How this energy collapses into matter seems to depend on the intent of the intelligence observing it. 

St. Germain and the other Ascended Masters appear to be able to manifest instantly into physical reality whatever they desire, but what about us? How come most of us don’t seem to be able to do this?

I believe we simply haven’t figured out the rest of the science needed to master the law in this way, and we haven’t raised the vibrations of the atoms in our body high enough to command this energy the way they do.

However, I have personally proven in own life many times, that this law does work.  If I can get a picture in my mind of what I want, I think about it often, and am able to prevent letting doubt or fear creep into my thoughts, then I have found the Universe consistently finds ways to bring “coincidental” events into my life where I meet people, situations and events that help me to achieve whatever it is that I want to achieve. You can do the same thing.

My book talks about many of these occurrences in my life. Since then, this law has also worked for me to get my dream house. Years earlier, I put a vision-board up in my house with a nice pool and big 3,500 sq. house.  Today that beautiful house is the reality I live in. 

Another occurrence was when I desired to have my own mortgage lending team and for me to manage one of the biggest branches in town. A year later that dream became a reality when the company I was with for 25 years merged with a new company that I didn’t care for. I was forced to seek out a new company. I then coincidentally found one that just happened to specialize in forming teams and they were ready to open a big office in my town and made me the co-manager of that branch. ( This is how the law of attraction works for most of us.

These kinds of events happen all the time. The more you think of what you want, the more you become aware that your thoughts really do create your reality. 

So how do you use the Holy Trinity?  God is everything, you are a son/daughter of God. The Holy Spirit is the all-powerful intelligent energy of God that is everywhere. It is your God given gift to use this power in your own life. The only rules to use this power are to never cause harm to any other living being because if you do you will sooner or later attract the same life-experience back into your own life. With this law, you get whatever you give out. So, for your own sake, learn to love and be compassionate for others. 

To use this power, simply think or say, “I AM” followed by whatever it is you want in your life.  I AM Happy. I AM Healthy. I AM in a loving relationship. I AM Healed. I AM wealthy. When you do this, you set the power of God into action.  

Give this a try and feel free to reach out to me in the comments below to let me know your success with it or if you have questions. My book goes over how to troubleshoot the law of attraction if you find it isn’t working for you. The Law works 100% of the time, so if it’s not working for you, then you’re doing something incorrectly. 

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