How to Use the Law of Attraction to Heal from Sickness



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Joe Rapisarda’s Author Interview for Awaken Your Power on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television.


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How to Use Your Mind to Heal from Disease – Nature’s Cure.



Law of Attraction – The Focus, Feel, and Expect Method


Joe Rapisarda discusses how he personally felt the Law of Oneness and The Law of Vibration on Memorial Day 2012.


Dr. Quantum’s cartoon explanation of the Double Slit Experiment in Quantum Physics is a great and easy to understand example of how energy can travel both as waves of energy and particles of matter, AND how we as human beings can use your thoughts (our observation and expectation) to affect how energy forms into sub-atomic matter. I feel this experiment gives good supporting scientific documentation that our thoughts can and do affect what we experience and how the universal laws (especially the law of attraction) work in our life.

Scientists agree that we can use our minds to influence the smaller sub-atomic world but that there is no proof that we can affect the larger world in which we live.  I disagree and feel that it does work.  At this point in time, science can neither prove or disprove the law of attraction, or other universal laws. It appears our technological understanding is just not sufficient enough to understand the powers of the universe we are dealing with.  Scientists are limited to acknowledging only what they can prove, but the  rest of us are not limited by that thinking.  We can simply try these laws out in our own lives and then judge the results.  I know from experience that these laws are very real and do work in our lives whether we realize it or not. So I hope you will join me in beginning to consciously use your mind and intention to attract the type of life you want to live.


Rubens Tube – visual evidence of how different frequencies of sound affect the energy of flames.  My point in showing this video is to provide some visual support that frequencies do exist in nature. The law of attraction states that the vibrational frequencies of our thoughts align and attract back to us more things (like people, situations, and events) that have  the same vibrational frequency. In this way, our thoughts work to create the reality we experience.

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