Wayne Dyer says, “Stop giving your attention to the energy drainers in your life!”

I am currently reading Wayne Dyer’s latest book, Wishes Fulfilled – a truly amazing source of information about the law of attraction. I enjoy his writing style and unique perspective.  I feel that much of Wayne’s book supports what I wrote in my own book, Awaken Your Power.

Wishes Fulfilled is full of great tips on the law of attraction. One of those tips is about dealing with energy drainers in our lives.

Some examples of energy drainers are:

People or situations that exude

  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Conflict
  • Sadness
  • Selfishness
  • Neediness
  • Drama (not the theatrical kind)

These types of people or situations seem to suck you into them and just exhaust you.

Wayne Dyer suggest that we do the following to save our energy.

  1. Become aware of the energy drainers in our life.
  2. Choose not to give them our attention.

This may sound simple enough but it’s something that few of us actually do.  Quite often, we simply react to life as it happens to us.  Most of the time, we are not even aware that our energy is being drained.

What Wayne Dyer suggests is that we become conscious of our feelings and accountable for our actions.   He says that we should stop giving our attention to things that are not positive for us.

By turning our attention away from depleting people and situations we preserve our energy and keep ourselves from aligning with their negative energy and attracting more of it into our lives.

So, the moral of this quick lesson is to be aware of your feelings and take responsibility for who you give your attention and energy to. As I state in my book, Awaken Your Power, you are responsible for your own happiness.  This tip from Wayne Dyer’s book, Wishes fulfilled, will help you reclaim your power.

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Happy Manifesting…

Joe Rapisarda



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6 Responses to Wayne Dyer says, “Stop giving your attention to the energy drainers in your life!”

  1. Heulwen October 22, 2012 at 11:27 pm #

    All well and good..in normal circumstances. I’ve been there..read his books and it works if you can just ignore the needs etc of this world. It’s a perfect solution for many, but not All, unless you are selfish. I’m a Piscean ..too sensitive. But I do love his writing and his simple ways of looking at life and not apply others’ problems to yourself.

    • Joe Rapisarda October 22, 2012 at 11:57 pm #

      Thanks for the comment Heulwen. I appreciate the input. Would you care to explain more on those situations when the law of attraction doesn’t work for you? I’m sure the readers would like to hear more about that. And what do you mean by being “selfish”?

  2. Shanna, KTB October 30, 2013 at 3:50 am #

    What if you live with the said “drainer” and they’re your ‘partner’ in life? And this person is the poster child for exuding every characteristic listed above? How can you manage this when it’s our Divine right to protect ourself; however, not respond to the negativity on the flipside when their such a big part of your life?

  3. Joe Rapisarda October 30, 2013 at 4:20 am #

    Hi Shanna, many marriages are have this situation where your spouse is the drainer in your life. In my previous article “3 Choice in Any Negative Situation” you can try to change your partner, which is not recommended because the only lasting change must come from within as being a choice. You can change how you view your spouse and try a way to love them or accept them as they are. Or you can leave the relationship.

    I realize with kids and finances that leaving a relationship is not always an easy choice. Also many people take this path too early without trying to heal the relationship.

    If you want to save your relationship rather than leaving it, then I suggest you start giving whatever it is that you want to receive. If you want attention – give it. If you want love – give it. If you want sex – give it. If you want respect or appreciation – give it. Give to get.

    You may not see immediate results but in time one of two things will happen: you will either win over your spouse and they will change for the better, or the relationship will end and then you will later find someone to treat you like you want to be treated.

    This also assumes that you don’t have any emotional subconscious blocks that makes you attract people who are not good for you. If that is the case, then don’t worry, those can be reprogrammed. I have many techniques that can easily do that.

    If you want help with that or finding Mr or Mrs. Right I suggest hiring me to coach you to happiness. I help people in all aspects of life. You can see that at http://www.JoeRapisarda.com/Coaching.


  4. Garin Kilpatrick May 26, 2014 at 2:32 pm #

    Excellent advice!!


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