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Unveiled Mysteries

How to Manifest Desires into Physical Reality

In the book, Unveiled Mysteries, Ascended Master St. Germain speaks on how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest desires into physical reality. He defines a three step process. Step 1. Decide what it is you want. Get clear on exactly what you want. (Most people never do this. They just think in generalities […]

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Time for a “Life” Checkup

Let’s do a self-check-up. Imagine that you found out today that you only have a month to live. How does that make you feel about the life you have lived so far? Did you get to do enough? Did you travel the world? Where you a good person? Did you help others? Were you happy? […]

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Dreamer Uses Vision Board to Become UFC Champion

Eddie Alvarez recently become UFC champion.  At 47.53 minutes into the video he talks using a vision board, which is a tool for using the law of attraction to manifest wants into reality.  This was from the book “The Secret”.  Said 80% of his vision board has come true and he feels the rest will […]

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