Unlock Your Personal Power with the Phrase “I AM”

I AM Space The most powerful two words in the world are I AM.

According to St. Germain in the I AM Discourse Vol 3, when you say “I AM” you are aligning your desires with the power of God to manifest whatever it is you wish.

This has the effect of the Law of Attraction on steroids.

Growing up we were taught that there was only one God and that he/she was all things, so it makes sense that we would also be part of that God.

In the Bible, (Exodus 3:14) when Moses asks God his name he gets the response “I am what I am.” This has also been translated simply as “I AM.  St. Germain states that this was a clue to personal power left for us in the bible.

I AM SpiritualSt. Germain states that the I AM presence is the Christ Consciousness and it is available to anyone who accepts it.  This is the second coming of Christ.  Rather than coming as a single person or entity he comes as a part of every one of us to raise our consciousness and allow us to evolve spiritually. Again you can read about this in the  I AM Discourses Vol 3.  It is filled with loving wisdom and knowledge.


St Germain says when we think or say I AM, while at the same time seeing and feeling  ourselves as the I AM Presence or (God in action), we attract unseen powers to create miracles.

I have been a long time student and teacher of the law of attraction and I talk about it in detail in my book Awaken Your Power and I can tell you this really works.

When I learned about the I AM Discourses, I finally found the missing pieces that married spirituality to the law of attraction. Before that it was part myth, part quantum mechanics and part faith. I knew it worked but not exactly how it worked.

How do you use your I AM powers?  You already have been your entire life, probably without ever knowing you have them.

Any time you say I AM you are attracting that reality to your life.  That command will come to you until you cancel it out with a conflicting thought or desire.

The problem most of us have is that we are not able to stay focused on one outcome long enough for it to gain sufficient momentum to manifest into our lives in a chance or coincident event that allows us to achieve our desire.

When you say I AM Healthy, but then in the next moment you feel about your current poor health you are sabotaging your desire to be healthy.  The trick is accepting your current reality and then wishing and focusing on better one.

Imagine what it feels like to be and feel healthy. Use your I AM powers to declare it with authority.

“I AM healthy”.  “I declare the perfection of God in my body and all Dis”ease” must leave my body.”

Same goes with money or relationship, being loved, or whatever else you want.

Say, “I AM loved”; “ I AM Happy”; “I AM Wealthy”; “I AM in a great relationship”.

Some would argue that miracles don’t just happen. The truth is that sometimes they do, but most times we have to work towards our miracles and we do that by applying action that supports our goals and desires.

If you want to be healthy then you eat good foods and exercise.

If you want to be wealthy you start reading books on how to budget and invest.

If you want to be in a good relationship, you start being the type of person to your significant other that you would like them to be to you.  If you’re not in a relationship yet, then work on being the best person you can be so when you find the right person the will like you as much as you like them.

If you do these things and stay positive and focused you will get unseen assistance that comes in the form of luck or coincidence that will allow your dreams to come true.

Again, I have personally tested these powers in all aspect of my life and they really work.

I get a great sense of joy to see others learn to use their God-given powers.

You don’t have to take my word for it.  Try it for yourself. Set a modest goal. State it in an intention. Example, Goal: I will lose 10 lbs. in 30 days to weigh 180 lbs.  State, “ I AM 180 lbs”.  Say it over and over. Then feel how it will feel when it happens. Then refuse to let any doubt creep in. Finally start doing some action towards it. Walk a mile a day. Eat 10% less each meal.  It will happen. I know some argue that you are doing it solely through action, and I disagree it is the combined power of deliberate intent, action and unseen help.  With miracles or manifestations, only focus on the results. Don’t worry about how they happen. That is not your job, your job is solely to stay focused, committed and positive while apply supportive action. The universe will do the rest.

Set a goal for 30 days and let me know how it works out for you.

I hope you choose to follow this info to Awaken Your Power!

Feel free to post comments or questions below.

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Joe Rapisarda

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